The Inquisitr

By | February 26, 2020

The Inquisitr is currently looking for writers. If you have an interest in creating news articles and are capable of producing 5 articles per day (25 articles, Monday through Friday), then you might want to consider writing for inquisitr. In their recent advert, the pay was not mentioned. This is a great article with excellent expository skills. I love writing especially with the good payment system. You have put everything in perspective for anyone Reading this, he or she can easily make an informed on what to do.  I think Psycho Youth is the best of the 3 simply because it has a broad coverage area, accepts YouTube video; in case you cannot write, the pay looks more lucrative, $1 to $100 for the work they accept! Thanks for sharing. I will love to try Psycho Youth and see how it goes. Does it cost anything to register with Psycho Youth?

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