Steps to Play Sakong Bandar Online in Indonesia

By | June 26, 2020

Steps to Play Sakong Bandar Online in Indonesia



Are you looking for a trick to win Sakong? Want a more precise one so you can win everyday? The way out is in this place, you’ve visited the right website to be able to win from Bandar Sakong.


Winning is the main direction for online gambling players and of course each player has their own steps to win bets. To score a victory is not a light matter. However, if you can apply the guidelines optimally, victory will be on your side.


For you novice players who have not mastered the game Sakong, should always pursue Tips Tips to Play Sakong Online. If you have mastered it, you can apply the guide that I have provided.


Generally, the game sakong is played by 8 people in 1 table but one of them will act as a dealer. In that game and generally the person who can be a dealer is a person who has enough credit limit to be a dealer. Situs Judi Online The game Sakong the biggest card value is a card that is a number of 10 and the smallest card value is a number of 1and for the Jack, Queen, and King cards will be calculated in the value of 10 and for the ace will be calculated 1


Examples like the following picture:


To know the calculation steps of the game Sakong is very light and very easy to elaborate, when we play Sakong, each player will be given 3 cards and each player is told to add up the value of the card and the greater value of the dealer will get paid from the value bets that we bet the greater we bet the greater the results we find if our cards are the same as the bookie or series we will be mistaken for losing and we will lose our betting money. and don’t forget the calculation of the sakong calculation in the calculation starts from 1-10 not from 0-9 like dominoqq, there are also payments that will be multiplied 2 or 3 times the value of the bet if we get a big card.


The following is an example of a calculation image in the game Sakong:


How to play Sakong



As shown in the picture above there is pay info 1x pay 2x or pay 3x if several players of the game Sakong get a combination of cards like the one above so the value of bets that players will multiply by the amount of pay, for example if a player bet with a value of 1 million bets rupiah and players get 3 queen cards as above so your pay 2x means 1 million x 2 so you will get 2 million rupiah. if some players pay x1, it can be times 1 if pay x 3, it can be multiplied by 3.


Guide and Trick to Win Play Bandar Sakong Online


  • Provide sufficient capital to play

Steps that can help us to manage the tactics we want to work on do not need to think about the limited funds we have. Because if we start with a small capital, we just always think of the former chips we have and in the end it will interfere with our concentration and concentration.


  • Choose a game table according to your lucky number


This step is quite influential, because lucky numbers can be recognized as bringing extra luck to those who believe in it, and this can also be sold if you play in online gambling games such as Online Poker, Domino QQ, BandarQ or Bandar Ceme, AduQ, Capsa Stacking, and Sakong On-line. Because back again all depends on luck or hockey all players.


  • Choose a Chair Which is Lucky at the Table You Enter


This can also help increase your luck in playing. First pay attention to the way the game is running on the table that you enter, see which seats are in luck and still get a greater victory from defeat. Wait until the right time to sit in the chair and you can try to sit in the chair.


  • Choose a Small Table First


And practice or practice at a small table first, so you can know to what extent your potential is playing. Do not play directly on a large table if you are just starting to play.


  • When It Is Enough To Understand It Can Only Play A Large Table


So you can try to increase the number of chips by trying to play on a large table after practicing on a small table.


  • Playing Patience is the Key


In playing online gambling games like Sakong Online. Do not be rash in deciding, and should try to analyze the course of the game and pay attention to the cards that will be given.


  • Playing Moving Table / Room


Switching a table / room can also help you, because if you don’t have luck on the first table you enter, you can try to switch to another table or try playing on a smaller table.


  • Keep Concentration As Well As Concentration


Because if you do not concentrate and concentrate on playing so you can swallow defeat too. So stay away from some things that can interfere with our concentration and concentration such as TV, cellphones, watching videos or reading an article. When playing try always to concentrate and concentration, and of course in a state of complete awareness and not in the effects of alcohol or narcotics.


  • Stop When the Destination Has Realized


If it’s the same as our will. Because before playing we have made a winning goal that we want to play. You must immediately stop playing when that goal has been realized. Do withdrawal of funds and stop playing, so you have felt the victory in playing.


  • Often Practice Regularly


This can also help us to win lightly in playing, because often playing and practicing sharpens our instincts and feelings in playing. And will help us to be trained to read all the possibilities that will take place in the game.

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